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Defender of Liberty Awards

Defender of Liberty Awards ("Libbies") have been presented at our annual LibertyFest Banquet to a maximum of four select individuals, Libertarian or otherwise, who have made notable personal efforts in the defense of liberty. Winners must live and/or work in the state of Michigan.

Three categories have been established:

  1. Spokesperson for Liberty - a member of the community whose patriotism and conviction have inspired contributions to the cause of Liberty
  2. Promoter of Liberty - A Libertarian whose efforts have done the most to promote the LP and Libertarian principles
  3. Producer of Liberty - a dedicated, behind-the-scenes Libertarian whose quiet labors over the years exemplifies the backbone of the LP.
A fourth award is available to be given at the judge’s discretion.)

Defenders of Liberty Recipients:

Tim Beck
Stuart Ruley
Jamie Lewis
Location: Hampton Inn Suites . Okemos . 2200 Hampton Place, Okemos, MI

Greg Dirasian
Joe Overton
Jeff Steinport
Location: Hampton Inn Suites . Okemos . 2200 Hampton Place, Okemos, MI

Fred Collins
Dick and Rae Jozwiak
Paul Soyk
Location: Mac & Ray's, Harrison Township

Tom Crosslin
Csaba Csere
Joann Karpinski
Nancy O'Brien
Location: Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn

Bill Bradley
Joann Karpinski
Bill Shotey
Tom Shull
Location: Miles World Resturant, 17689 Masonic (near Groesbeck), Fraser, MI 48026
Mark Heil
David Littman
Al Titran & Rosemary Racchi
Emily Salvette
Location: Heinzman's Heidelberg Restaurant at 43785 Gratiot Avenue (M-3) in Clinton Township

Ben Bachrach
Bob Black
Location: Top of the Pontchartrain Hotel, Detroit Michigan

Jon Coon
Keith Edwards
Phil O'Halloran

Richard Ask
Barb Goushaw
Todd and Sharon Greene
Gary Stewart and Karen Mazarella

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